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Technical Analysis: UNIUSD 30.09.2022

Uniswap is up 20 percent from September 2022 lows, per the formation in the daily chart. Despite the shake-off of September 29, the uptrend in the short term remains valid, and $5.2 is a clear support level. In the past trading week, the token is up 10 percent, outperforming the USDT and the stagnating BTC.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 30.09.2022

Bitcoin prices are largely unchanged in the past 24 hours and trading week. As such, the coin remains within a bear formation without a significant shift in trend. This is despite encouraging higher highs relative to the lower BB, signaling waning bear momentum. However, as it is, bears are still in control, and the outlook can change if only there is a sharp breakout above $20k or $18k in upcoming sessions.

Technical Analysis: MATUSD 29.09.2022

Like the rest of the crypto market, Polygon is moving within a narrow range and is bearish. Therefore, while buyers stand a chance, sellers may press on and force MATIC below multi-week support. Per the MATIC price arrangement in the daily chart, support lies at $0.701.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 29.09.2022

Bitcoin prices are volatile, judging from the performance in the past three days. After gains of September 27, which were quickly reversed by the day's close, the rebound on September 28 has lifted the coin back towards the $19.7k and $20k resistance line. Technically, BTC is in range mode, printing higher highs from the lower BB—a net positive. Still, the coin is bearish, and there could be more reason to liquidate BTC drop below $18.5k.

Technical Analysis: ETHUSD 28.09.2022

Ethereum gains of September 27 were quickly wiped by the close of yesterday’s bar. Thus far, price action tilts to favor bears from mid this month. The odds of ETH prices caving in further and registering new monthly lows are elevated reading from candlestick arrangement in the daily chart.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 28.09.2022

Even after what appeared to be a strongly bullish signal for Bitcoin buyers on September 27, gains were quickly reversed in the late NY session as bears further pressed on during the Asian session on September 28. Presently, BTC is back to bearish ways as the coin’s volatility heightens. Since prices are below $20k and $19.7k, previous support lines, now resistance, sellers are back in contention and the trend in alignment with price action set in motion by the September 13 bear bar.

Technical Analysis: LNKUSD 27.09.2022

Chainlink prices are inching higher and are relatively resilient versus BTC and ETH. If anything, LINK buyers have had the upper hand over the past three months despite the bearish status of crypto assets in the past ten months. Technically, LINKUSDT is broadly within a bear flag, with the primary resistances at $8.2 and $9.5.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 27.09.2022

Bitcoin is solid at press time and trading above the $1.5k range, reading from the performance in the daily chart. Even though BTC is technically bearish from a top-down analysis, there are encouraging signals that prices may turn the corner in coming sessions. For now, the immediate support lies at around $20.2k as the coin breakouts after consolidation. If buyers manage to rebuff bears, $20k could anchor the next leg up towards $23k.

Technical Analysis: IOTUSD 26.09.2022

IOTA prices are relatively solid at press time. Although there were hints of weaknesses on September 25, the recovery earlier today has been nothing short of stellar. The bounce means the coin is in a bullish trajectory following the complete reversal of yesterday's losses. As an illustration, it is up roughly 20 percent from last week's lows, anchoring its leg up at around $0.24.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 26.09.2022

Bitcoin is down 18 percent and wavy at press time in roughly two weeks. Per the candlestick arrangement in the daily chart, sellers are in a commanding position. BTC prices are moving closer to critical support levels defined in the past eight months of the year. For buyers to take charge and prices to recover, BTC not only needs to print higher at spot rates but, most resoundingly, reverse the losses of September 13.

Technical Analysis: BNBUSD 23.09.2022

Binance Coin is in green at spot rates, adding four percent against the greenback. BNB gains may be attributed to market-wide gains over the last 24 hours. Despite these welcomed recoveries, sellers have the upper hand. BNB prices may break above critical resistance levels for trend continuation. Currently, the primary support lies at around $260, while resistance is at $300.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 23.09.2022

Bitcoin prices appear to be turning the corner at spot rates. After rejecting lower prices on September 22 and expanding towards $20k, there could be more room for upsides in the short term. However, based on previous performances and how BTC has been volatile this week, it will be tough for traders to commit. Still, confirmations of yesterday's gains forcing the coin above $20k may trigger capital inflow as a section of traders try to catch the bottoms.
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