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Technical Analysis: LTCUSD 15.10.2021

While Litecoin could be tracking Bitcoin higher, the coin has found headwinds at around $190. At the time of writing, LTC is stable, adding three percent versus the greenback on the last trading day.

Technical Analysis: TRXUSD 15.10.2021

At the time of writing, TRX prices are flat versus the greenback. All the same, buyers appear to be in control though capped below $0.10—a critical liquidation line.

Technical Analysis: EOSUSD 14.10.2021

The EOS/USDT price remains in a tight trade range as per candlestick arrangements in the daily chart. As of writing, EOS is up three percent versus the greenback, bouncing higher after days of consolidation.

Technical Analysis: ADAUSD 14.10.2021

Cardano prices are mainly in a sideways movement, drab and tepid to the liking of high octane, volatility-driven traders. Even so, while traders are confident of what lies ahead, ADA/USDT prices are still under pressure at spot rates.

Technical Analysis: ETHBTC 13.10.2021

From the daily chart, ETH/BTC is firm after days of steady lower lows, shredding ETH bulls. However, with BTC buyers losing grip of the trend, the court may be on ETH bulls to commandeer price action.

Technical Analysis: ETHUSD 13.10.2021

The ETH/USDT chart is at equilibrium as per CryptoAltum price feeds. For instance, the coin is stable at writing, adding two percent versus the USD on the last trading day.

Technical Analysis: DOTUSD 12.10.2021

DOT prices are relatively stable at the time of writing, dropping five percent on the last day but up seven percent week-to-date. From the daily chart, DOT prices appear to be recoiling from around September 2021 highs and on the verge of completing an M-formation.

Technical Analysis: BSVUSD 12.10.2021

The coin is stable on the last trading day, printing lower lows relative to the upper BB and underperforming BTC and ETH in the past 24 hours. Down four percent, BSV bulls appear exhausted as prices remain in consolidation inside the October 7 bullish bar.

Technical Analysis: TRXUSD 11.10.2021

The TRX prices are down three percent on the last trading day but up roughly nine percent week-to-date according to CryptoAltum data. At the time of writing, TRX is perched at 28th in the market cap leaderboard.

Technical Analysis: BNBUSD 11.10.2021

BNB is roughly 35 percent from all-time highs, tracking higher in the last ten days but still below September highs, CryptoAltum data shows. On the last trading day, BNB is steady, dropping two percent versus the greenback.

Technical Analysis: ADAUSD 08.10.2021

There is a movement to the upside. ADA is up roughly seven percent week-to-date, stable on the last day. Notably, from the daily chart, the October 7 bull bar seems to be setting the pace for a possible close above $2.3.

Technical Analysis: ETHUSD 08.10.2021

The path of least resistance is northwards. Reading from the ETH price analysis, the coin is up 17 percent week-to-date and relatively firm on the last trading day.
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