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General Trading Questions


Trading Questions

Which instruments can I trade?

We offer over 60 cryptocurrency pairs, FX, Gold and Indicies. We have also recently added Oil to our portfolio. 

What is a Contract for Difference (CFD)?

What are the market trading hours?

What is your execution model?

Who are your liquidity providers?

Do you offer market or instant execution?

Are there any requotes?

What does Fill or Kill mean?

Do you offer guaranteed stop losses?

Are you ECN, STP or MM Broker?

Do you have a dealing desk?

Can I trade micro lots?

What is the maximum lot size I can trade?

What is the maximum amount of open and pending positions I can have on my account?

What leverage do you offer?

Do you have a dynamic leverage policy?

What is your margin call/stop out levels?

Why is your margin call/stop out level so high?

Do you allow scalping/hedging?

Do you allow Expert Advisors?

Are there any differences between the demo and real accounts?

What are your minimum stop and limit levels?

Can I place a trade over the phone?

Do you offer any kind of technical analysis?

Where are your trading servers located?

Do you offer swap free (Islamic) accounts?

MT5 Platform Questions

Which trading platforms do you offer?

We use the Metatrader 5 platform.

How do I login to my trading platform?

Which devices can I trade on?

Are the prices streaming live with no delay?

Are there any subscription fees for the platform?

Is there an online version of the platform?

Do the charts display bid or ask prices?

How do I add the ask line to my chart?

What is the platform server time?

How do I install an Expert Advisor (EA) to my platform?

How do I change my trading platform password?

Where can I see my leverage?

How do I download a trading statement?

How do I enable push notifications?

How do I attach an indicator to my chart?

How do I open a trade?

How do I close my trade?

How do I set a stop loss or a take profit?

Can I set a trailing stop?

Do you offer market depth?

Which pending order types can I use?

Will my demo account ever expire?

How do I add funds to my demo account?

How do I add the economic calendar to my charts?

How do I enable one click trading?


I've lost my login details for the MT5 Platform

You can retrieve your account number and password in your Client Portal. You can also reset your password anytime via the Client Portal. 

My platform shows 'Invalid Account'

My platform shows 'No Connection'

I can't see all the instruments in the Market Watch Window

Some instruments in the Market Watch window are greyed out

The New Order button is greyed out/disabled

My platform indicates 'Trade Context is Busy' when I try to open a position

My charts keep freezing

My EA is not placing trades, and the journal tab shows error 133

My platform indicates 'Not Enough Money' when I try to trade

My platform indicates 'Trade Disabled' when I try to trade

My chart says 'Waiting For Update'

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