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Unique Features about Cardano ADA

Earlier on, we covered Cardano here—discussing some of its features. But, what separates ADA from the rest? Indeed, there are evolving requirements that may advise a firm from supporting or rejecting a cryptocurrency. ADA is one of the over 11k cryptocurrencies and token projects available for trading.

Bitcoin and Crypto Adds Double-Digit Gains as Excitement Builds

It is a sigh of relief for crypto traders. The excitement is even more palpable for traders of Bitcoin and coins like BCH, ETH, ADA, and more. On July 26, these coins posted stellar gains as Bitcoin specifically did the superman thing, blasting past $36k—a crucial resistance line observed across multiple time frames.

Polkadot Preferred by Crypto Venture Funds: here is why traders should closely watch

According to Messari, Polkadot is one of the most accumulated altcoins. Based on the site's analytics, Polkadot leads ahead of other altcoins like LUNA and NEAR tokens. Although these DeFi tokens have posted impressive results, as price charts reveal, Polkadot bodes well with investors for several reasons.

Ethereum rallies above $2k on Elon Musk Comments

During the highly anticipated Bitcoin Conference, which brought together Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Cathie Wood, the billionaire innovator, Elon, said he also holds Ethereum besides Bitcoin and DOGE. For this subtle endorsement, Ethereum prices raced above $2k in a relief rally after sustained periods of lower lows threatening to derail ETH bulls and traders.

Similarities and Differences Between Trading Forex and Cryptocurrencies

Yes, trading is trading, they say. However, trading would quickly become a bad experience regardless of experience if one doesn't do their homework. Over the past few years, there has been enhancement in crypto trading, and the gap—from an experience point of view—is being narrowed with each passing day.

What Determines Bid-Ask Spread?

As a primer, read more about the spread. Every cryptocurrency exchange will always charge a spread to generate revenue. This could be on top of deposit and withdrawal fees. Some also include trading commissions and, in some cases, hidden charges.

Top Reasons why Market Makers Play a Critical Role in Cryptocurrency Trading

Let's all accept it: Crypto is relatively illiquid. You can't compare how the space fares versus, say, the yellow metal market. Gold—its CFD is available for trading at CryptoAltum—has a market cap of $9 trillion. It may take crypto several years to compete with gold's level of liquidity. As such, market makers are the lifeline of cryptocurrency exchanges and individual tokens.

Vitalik Addresses Concerns on Ethereum Security after Merger

Let me fill you up if you are new. Ethereum is one of the largest smart contracting networks in the world. It is Turing complete, meaning developers can deploy code whose execution is automated once certain conditions are met. As active as Ethereum is, it is now facing scalability challenges.

What is the Crypto Spot Market?

Beginner traders can indeed find the spins of crypto convoluted to wrap their heads around. Still, the market is not in isolation and borrows many terms from the legacy system. Even the very bedrock of crypto is heavily reliant, even conjoined with traditional finance architecture. It only makes sense. All open markets are driven by supply and demand--Crypto is no exception.

Why did DASH Rise by Over 15% in 15 Minutes?

DASH, one of the earliest and adopted coins, defied gravity on July 19 by surprisingly jumping over 15 percent. This unexpected price surge caught traders unaware as there wasn't, up to this point of writing, related news explaining the spike in trading volumes and prices. From a technical perspective, the layout in the daily chart now turns price action in favor of buyers.

What is Instacoins?

Crypto is still a niche industry—only a tiny percentage of the global population knows what Bitcoin is. It is estimated that only one percent of the seven billion people in this world have a crypto wallet, holding some few coins like Bitcoin. For those who don't but plan to acquire some using their credit/debit cards and bank transfers, Instacoins can be a perfect ramp.

What is the difference between Custodial and Non-Custodial Wallets?

Crypto diffused control from the elites to the commoner. Using the blockchain as a reliable medium, crypto users are their banks. For this, they can determine how they want to use their funds, not relying on a third party who, as history shows, can't consistently beat the market. At the heart of this liberation is a cryptocurrency wallet.
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